Sunday, June 15, 2014

DAVE BOWN PROJECTS - Is it rigged?

When you submit a video to a art competition, you would certainly want your video observed, especially when you paid to submit it to an art competition. Well, luckily today, one can see the stats on how many times your video has been watched, if any. Seems, my video was not even looked at.

There was always art books on business that suggested putting clear tape over slide entires to get some evidence that the slides were even looked at. So, there has been a long standing problem with artists not getting their fair share of opportunities, and worse, their entires being blatantly passed over, so that other competing artists can take the glory - in the name, sometimes, of a pre-selection.
It does give a bad name to those good institutions, that truly support the artists.

I have done studies on juried art shows and found things that support favoritism. Like when I researched the Trawick Prize, I found the awards almost always went to those entrants that were college grads, teachers, or those in school. My entry was professionally downloaded to a disc, yet I was told the disc was blank. So that naturally hurt my chances, at least delaying my consideration, while the jury looked over other non-blank entries.

Another contest favored names that had non-american names. And many others favored art that was leaned towards filth, sex, and killing, as it had note shock value.

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