Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Notification of grant committee by end of September?

Eager to hear the results of my first grant proposal, I looked forward as the end of September approached. Because I was supposed to be notified by then according to an email from the granting institution's clerk.

Verdicts in two other projects were postponed. Scrambling to make ends meet while all these projects that I met the deadlines on have delayed their decisions, is frustrating. Eventually, enough projects will be in the works so that something is always going on. Those will be the days.

Ella Lyman Cabot Trust Grant

On Monday August 18, I received an email from a Clerk, announcing that I would be notified of the committee's decision of my proposal by the end of September. Today marks the last day of the month and I am awaiting a decision that could catapult my 20 plus year struggle on a shoe string budget to an exhibition ready format. Of course, after that I would have to pitch it. But each support system snowballs the project into a stronger case. And of course the granting agency gets the benefit of being visionary or atleast for being insightful enough to realize the merit in an artist's deserving work.