Friday, January 23, 2009


Now that my laptop has been stolen and my camera, I will have to go through a lot more trouble to access my pictures to post on this blog. No, I didn't back up everything. I'll have to manually search for material that is boxed up in the "art" room. But some things like saved emails are gone for good. Years ago, around 1990, a similar thing happened, when a friend's trailer I had stored art in was vandalized. One day after work at the factory, I walked through the overgrown grass and towards the tree where the trailer was. Leading up tp the trailer were balled up pieces of paper. My heart dropped when upon closer examination, they proved to be my drawings. This discovery was a hint of things to come - a trailer where my works where scattered everywhere, varnish and paint splashed here and there, and the windows busted out on all sides of the trailer. Perhaps, the most disturbing finding was a few early drawings of human forms imprisioned by box-like framen - they were found stuffed in the bottom of the trailers non-working toilet. I tried my best to salvage them, but it appeared useless. I never found out who did it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Green fields of a Blue-collar dream

Those little seconds-long installations on a dream begun over twenty years ago is beginning to bear fruit. The rocky steps from the mill, where the call was heard to the opening exhibition of an international show, I knew if I kept with it, didn't give up, I would have a voice, that is directly related to its beginning, that like a seed, unfolds into a strong expression of itself. However simple it is to the human eye, it has a rich tapestry of archetypal patterns. "The world is your oyster," I say in each of these drawings.