Monday, April 13, 2009

Candy Sawhead

That awful candy from Christmas - that's what his colors suggest to me. This monster has a saw head, thus his name "Candy Sawhead." He is coming out of his wrapper - a sort of rebirth, yet his facial expression reveals his anxiety at still being imprisoned in the form of a consumer product. Is he freer without his wrapper? Who knows for sure. He needs a home - buy him and use him as the framed mascot above your candy dish. Original and full of personality - Candy Sawhead. Only $149.

Caliko Monster

The name "Caliko" was inspired by my fondness of cats that color and the speckled patterns on carpet foams. What's in Caliko's hands? That's one of the things I want to ask him. I would guess he has a needle, thread, and an arrow, but who knows, I was only the drawer. Original monster drawing $185.

Easterman Monster

From my monster pages around April in the mid 1990's. I just named this one Easterman, not only because today is Easter, but because he brings to mind the Easter Island statues. I went bike riding today with my wife in the neighborhood I grew up in and there was a replica about 2 ft. tall of one of those statues in someone's front garden. I will sell this pen and magic marker drawing for $195. I can't tell you why I was compelled to draw some 100 monsters in April in the 1990's.

Half Moonie Boxer Monster

One of the creatures from my monster pages, sheets that I just drew monsters on. When I title them, I use my own well of memories of imagery and literary elements. This one I drew in the mid 1990's, but just named it minutes ago - "Half Moonie Boxer," influenced by half moon shapes and the word "moonie." My first run in with the Moonies was when I was in Florida way back when - they would stand on the busy streets, like Sunset Blvd, and sell flowers from a basket. They wore 60's style garments and seemed very happy. This boxer is ready to fight and go ahead and try to break his nose - he don't have one! This original magic marker & pen drawing, "Half-Moonie," $195.