Monday, May 12, 2014


You don't even have to like a particular Kickstarter project to find the rewards rewarding. You might want to focus on the rewards themselves. Especially, if they are LIMITED EDITION SIGNED pieces. Who knows, one day the project creator may become a famous artist, thus his or her art, especially some of the early works may shoot up in value. If they are Exclusive rewards to Kickstarter only, then you may not be able to get them from anywhere else, which makes them a bit more rare.

In another setting, like say a museum, certain rewards may demand high prices. But, how do you know what rewards to go after. That's the thing - you don't. It's like most art - if its ahead of its time, you have to guess and wait. History is full of art that once ridiculed is now a national treasure.Of course, the greatest value of donating to the project is the satisfaction of having helped someone achieve their dream. But, there are perks to one's efforts, and the rewards may just be the gift that keeps giving.