Friday, May 09, 2014


Kickstarter is like a fun little school project that you don't have to go by the teacher's agenda. Except it can be a time bandit, absorbing your mind's focus, whether it is successful or failing. How much comes from the community of Kickstarter may depend on how much you yourself have Kickstarted the campaign from your own resources - that's why Kickstarter may not be the best name for the funding platform. Adrenaline Booster may be a better term. It may not be the place where astute critics reach out, but more where, opinionated project surfers seek out waves that fit their liking and they will ride it, until the next wave comes by. How much the funders care about the success of the project may have something to do with how much they care about the person behind it, if they know that person. The project on its own, may be ahead of its time, and may be passed up for any number of reasons. The supporters will feel a royal Kick in the butt when they realize the project that everyone passed up has become quite the work, and the little REWARDS offered for cheap, are now PRIZED COLLECTIBLES demanding high prices. Yeah, that little $25 pledge on the LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT or that higher pledge on an ORIGINAL piece of art, may turn into a major INVESTMENT. But, you can't really say that in the project description. So, let's just say, that the rewards may be worth much MORE than you bargained for. Placing a pledge for that UNDERDOG PROJECT may be your best bet, but to get your "investment" reward, the project has to be fully funded. So, spread the word. And before you know it, you may see a win-win situation and another dream comes true.