Sunday, October 22, 2006

Drawing My Ship In

It's Sunday, 10-22-06, and I just made the deadline to the Third International Drawing Competition in Poland. While I have reservations about sending original drawings anywhere, it is par for the course to get your work out there to be seen. Discussed. Juried. Awarded. And, inevitably rejected. The prospectus has even stated that the winners are nearly all native to the country supporting the competition. But, it scares me not. I believe in my work and at this point it has become ferocious. This pen is a sword. And this vast world of surfaces is the battlefield. I must defeat my own mediocricy and ascend. I must develope my own criticism and most of all, my own voice. Unfolding daily, a dream carpet rolls up to your next step. That next step may be the one that elevates you out of the seemingly, stagnated routine.