Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hard-Knocks Drawing Style Featured at International Show @ Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

My drawing "Here" made the International Show. It already won a "Best in Show" Merit Award (Three were awarded) last Spring in the Madison National in Madison Georgia, juried by Sylvie Fortin of ART PAPERS. I explore passionately the relationship between the fragility of the surface - paper, and the harshness of the drawing tool - a pen. The bliss expressed here is a result of a strong devotion to the medium. There is a geometry of the corrugated paper from the rips that contrasts with the seemingly raw "rush through the fields." Paradoxically, I "destroy" the very surface, including the linework, I was creating. Held together by a keen sense of timing, rather a sense of urgency, this is representative of the fast-paced times we are moving through.