Saturday, May 03, 2014


On the 1st day of a Kickstarter Campaign, no pledges. Nor the 2nd day. So, I tried offering the P_roject Image as an Original Give-a-way to the 6th pledge, no takers. Then, I made it the 1st pledge, still no taker. So, I popped up another image, from an oil painting I donated to the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey for their annual fundraiser, the 3rd time I participated. This image today, May 3rd, is of an incarnation of myself as a child sitting at a lunch with a curator of drawings from the Whitney - we are sharing lunch in a promotion where Best in Show prize is "Lunch with a Curator." I'm painting my art story on the plates offered by the curator's assistant. A bit of soul food. My ship in the right corner comes in.

It seems Kickstarter may rely on friends support a little, or a lot. But, they are going to love your offerings because its from you, most often - that's support, albeit, a bit based on favoritism. So, what about critical attention by strangers looking for art of merit. That  is the support this project needs. I need a show on a museum wall, with a little freedom to lay out the vision, like any other artist displayed in the thousands of museums. It's about an art journey that looked at from an over-all perspective has a composition complete with symmetry. Most art has a composition, but the journey itself, where is the composition in that, especially with a powerful symmetry. It's message is powerful and encouraging to anyone looking for the rewards of persevering. The closet pattern is the monomyth that Joseph Campbell outlines in his Hero's Journey, but that would make me seem like a hero, as much as an artist. Really, the only way I could be a hero is by my story benefiting others, then I could feel worthy of feeling I have contributed to humankind. But, stored in boxes, my story has little point.