Sunday, November 26, 2006

Response from ARTnews: Could it lead to something?

On Monday, November, 20th, it was my Birthday. I got in the mail three rejections to juried shows. But I got one acceptance letter from NJ. Better than that though, was a non-form letter from the publisher and editor of the top art magazine, ARTnews. Milton Esterow had responded to my invite to a group show I had in September. Although, he could not make the show, he passed my information to the editorial department. Could something come from this?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Work chosen for show in Colorado

I had my first shrink wrapping episode today as I prepared 3 drawings for the bin section in an upcoming exhibition I've been selected to participate in. The bin works are as good as the chosen work receiving the wall space. The bin work must not exceed $250.00 in price. Specifications like this help one in determining the price. But that price limitation has made me re-think the price of the selected piece which was priced much higher. Well, it was the one out of 3 sent that won approval by a jury of 5 artists, so there lies the justification. But, the jury never saw the other 3 bin works. My work has gotten better in the last 2 months.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Drawing Board from the Factory Assembly-line

This is the drawing board that I hinged to a wooden post at my work station in the factory. It was a simple, but bold step to put this symbol of creativity in a factory. It was bolder to actually whip out drawings in between running widgets on the assembly line. But this is what happened. I nurtured my dream in literally seconds-long installments. One mustn't think I was not working, for I worked hard and even won grand prize for cost-saving ideas that were used to restructure the lumber company I worked for. It was those little gaps of time that I used, where others may have taken a sandwich bite, a sip of coffee. This environment became the backdrop of my unfolding personal myth. I became engaged in my own mythic journey.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

National Drawing 2007 @ The College of NJ

I overnighted 2 slides to National Drawing 2007 in NJ. It is hard to hold back my fire on these explosive drawings - but the rips must be controlled - within that control is the greatest freedom and the highest aesthetics achieved in this drawing style. I have to know in a split second where I must end the arpeggioed release. It is no different than baseball, golf, or any other sport where one must practice peripheral vision and see the whole game. It hasn't caught on big time yet, but I'm going for it.