Thursday, May 08, 2014


One single loop, drawn over and over, and then a second loop - now two loops drawn over and over. I must have appeared as a crazy person on that factory floor - I was definitely in the grasp of something powerful - this numinous symbol that I drew would not let me lay it down - it was my destiny. It would not let me entertain thoughts of ending the journey - I had started something - and something was going to hatch - I was a vehicle who had been chosen to release this caged symbol - which later was discovered to be a HIEROGLYPH - from its static lifeless shape. It was so powerful that it came to me in the smaller dosage of 1/2 of its actual form - brought to consciousness from a REVELATION - one day I was prompted to go straight to a particular bookstore - straight to a particular book shelf - straight to a particular book - and turn straight to a particular page - and there it was - a hieroglyph containing my numinous symbol. Yeah, suddenly, my little symbol that had reached it end - it had evolved to its dynamic conclusion via my obsessive compulsion to draw it continuously, in that factory where I had mounted a drawing board. The chop saws and pneumatic staple guns and machines couldn't blast out the call's soft murmur traveling on a drifting gust through the blanket of dust. I had entered the magical world of myth - my personal myth - finally, I felt alive and the world was my oyster - Banner days and Hey Days.   I have to bring this story to the world - it's the Return stage of a larger journey