Sunday, June 15, 2014

DAVE BOWN PROJECTS - Is it rigged?

When you submit a video to a art competition, you would certainly want your video observed, especially when you paid to submit it to an art competition. Well, luckily today, one can see the stats on how many times your video has been watched, if any. Seems, my video was not even looked at.

There was always art books on business that suggested putting clear tape over slide entires to get some evidence that the slides were even looked at. So, there has been a long standing problem with artists not getting their fair share of opportunities, and worse, their entires being blatantly passed over, so that other competing artists can take the glory - in the name, sometimes, of a pre-selection.
It does give a bad name to those good institutions, that truly support the artists.

I have done studies on juried art shows and found things that support favoritism. Like when I researched the Trawick Prize, I found the awards almost always went to those entrants that were college grads, teachers, or those in school. My entry was professionally downloaded to a disc, yet I was told the disc was blank. So that naturally hurt my chances, at least delaying my consideration, while the jury looked over other non-blank entries.

Another contest favored names that had non-american names. And many others favored art that was leaned towards filth, sex, and killing, as it had note shock value.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pablo Ferro facebook page posted my "Tattoo Girl" from Rolling Stones

My "Tattoo You Girl" has been posted on iconic movie title designer Pablo Ferro's facebook page and the story behind the collaboration.
Pablos's site features the "Tattoo You Girl" I painted for a Rolling Stone's HBO-Televised live concert back in the day. I worked with famous movie title designer, Pablo Ferro, who worked on such movies as Dr. Strangelove. This was my first project for film. See article:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


If the Kickstarter funding pool aims to make more dreams come true, it can do so by using the funds earmarked for already successful projects - in the form of STRETCH goals - to boost a struggling campaign. Is it not better to make more dreams come true, rather than pile monies onto a blockbuster. The goal of Kickstarter is in part determined by the communities and they can pull together under a shared goal of making more dreams come true, rather than trying to help along a lotto winning campaign.

Monday, May 12, 2014


You don't even have to like a particular Kickstarter project to find the rewards rewarding. You might want to focus on the rewards themselves. Especially, if they are LIMITED EDITION SIGNED pieces. Who knows, one day the project creator may become a famous artist, thus his or her art, especially some of the early works may shoot up in value. If they are Exclusive rewards to Kickstarter only, then you may not be able to get them from anywhere else, which makes them a bit more rare.

In another setting, like say a museum, certain rewards may demand high prices. But, how do you know what rewards to go after. That's the thing - you don't. It's like most art - if its ahead of its time, you have to guess and wait. History is full of art that once ridiculed is now a national treasure.Of course, the greatest value of donating to the project is the satisfaction of having helped someone achieve their dream. But, there are perks to one's efforts, and the rewards may just be the gift that keeps giving.

Friday, May 09, 2014


Kickstarter is like a fun little school project that you don't have to go by the teacher's agenda. Except it can be a time bandit, absorbing your mind's focus, whether it is successful or failing. How much comes from the community of Kickstarter may depend on how much you yourself have Kickstarted the campaign from your own resources - that's why Kickstarter may not be the best name for the funding platform. Adrenaline Booster may be a better term. It may not be the place where astute critics reach out, but more where, opinionated project surfers seek out waves that fit their liking and they will ride it, until the next wave comes by. How much the funders care about the success of the project may have something to do with how much they care about the person behind it, if they know that person. The project on its own, may be ahead of its time, and may be passed up for any number of reasons. The supporters will feel a royal Kick in the butt when they realize the project that everyone passed up has become quite the work, and the little REWARDS offered for cheap, are now PRIZED COLLECTIBLES demanding high prices. Yeah, that little $25 pledge on the LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT or that higher pledge on an ORIGINAL piece of art, may turn into a major INVESTMENT. But, you can't really say that in the project description. So, let's just say, that the rewards may be worth much MORE than you bargained for. Placing a pledge for that UNDERDOG PROJECT may be your best bet, but to get your "investment" reward, the project has to be fully funded. So, spread the word. And before you know it, you may see a win-win situation and another dream comes true.

Thursday, May 08, 2014


One single loop, drawn over and over, and then a second loop - now two loops drawn over and over. I must have appeared as a crazy person on that factory floor - I was definitely in the grasp of something powerful - this numinous symbol that I drew would not let me lay it down - it was my destiny. It would not let me entertain thoughts of ending the journey - I had started something - and something was going to hatch - I was a vehicle who had been chosen to release this caged symbol - which later was discovered to be a HIEROGLYPH - from its static lifeless shape. It was so powerful that it came to me in the smaller dosage of 1/2 of its actual form - brought to consciousness from a REVELATION - one day I was prompted to go straight to a particular bookstore - straight to a particular book shelf - straight to a particular book - and turn straight to a particular page - and there it was - a hieroglyph containing my numinous symbol. Yeah, suddenly, my little symbol that had reached it end - it had evolved to its dynamic conclusion via my obsessive compulsion to draw it continuously, in that factory where I had mounted a drawing board. The chop saws and pneumatic staple guns and machines couldn't blast out the call's soft murmur traveling on a drifting gust through the blanket of dust. I had entered the magical world of myth - my personal myth - finally, I felt alive and the world was my oyster - Banner days and Hey Days.   I have to bring this story to the world - it's the Return stage of a larger journey

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


Kickstarter Campaign: To encourage a 1st pledge, I offered the Project Image itself as a Freebie to the 6th pledge, 6 because I was playing off the 6% some site - probably one of the many wanting me to hire them to promote my site - predicted my campaign had the chance of success. But, after no takers, I offered it to the 1st bidder. It is an autographed original. Wearing a Blue Ribbon, the artist whips out drawings on the assembly-line - this was the real thing - NOT the hands-off faux-factory of the cold andy warhol's so-called factory where he had others doing much of his work, allowing him to perpetuate the mystery under a wig and on cloud nine enjoying the escapism of heroin, like his cohorts, david bowie, john lennon, and a slew of other Manhattenites.

Saturday, May 03, 2014


On the 1st day of a Kickstarter Campaign, no pledges. Nor the 2nd day. So, I tried offering the P_roject Image as an Original Give-a-way to the 6th pledge, no takers. Then, I made it the 1st pledge, still no taker. So, I popped up another image, from an oil painting I donated to the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey for their annual fundraiser, the 3rd time I participated. This image today, May 3rd, is of an incarnation of myself as a child sitting at a lunch with a curator of drawings from the Whitney - we are sharing lunch in a promotion where Best in Show prize is "Lunch with a Curator." I'm painting my art story on the plates offered by the curator's assistant. A bit of soul food. My ship in the right corner comes in.

It seems Kickstarter may rely on friends support a little, or a lot. But, they are going to love your offerings because its from you, most often - that's support, albeit, a bit based on favoritism. So, what about critical attention by strangers looking for art of merit. That  is the support this project needs. I need a show on a museum wall, with a little freedom to lay out the vision, like any other artist displayed in the thousands of museums. It's about an art journey that looked at from an over-all perspective has a composition complete with symmetry. Most art has a composition, but the journey itself, where is the composition in that, especially with a powerful symmetry. It's message is powerful and encouraging to anyone looking for the rewards of persevering. The closet pattern is the monomyth that Joseph Campbell outlines in his Hero's Journey, but that would make me seem like a hero, as much as an artist. Really, the only way I could be a hero is by my story benefiting others, then I could feel worthy of feeling I have contributed to humankind. But, stored in boxes, my story has little point.